13 Best Apps Like Snapchat For Android

Record anonymous messages to your friends using someone else’s voice, a mask on your face, and an unfamiliar place in the background. New stickers featuring popular characters and stickers made by famous illustrators are added every week. You can track what is happening in the fashion world, isolate stylistic trends, adding new information to your “piggy bank” of knowledge. The application provides an infinite space in terms of studying trends and trends. A series of tutorials on creating a Snapchat clone for Android. Understand the most common pitfalls of the app, such as privacy protection, and make sure your app does not become a platform where abuse, violence and racism could flourish.

Users can filter and sort items within the displayed data. Useful when the app has lots of data, or when users are on mobile devices with smaller screens. Analyses user-generated content to see if it breaches your pre-determined community rules.

They then enter a One-Time Password or SMS, for an extra layer of verification and security. Users can post and read comments on the content you have. They can also reply to specific comments in a thread, to boost conversations and interactions inside the app. Enterprise Build your workforce more productive with the perfectly customized app. You can alter the appearance of not only the skin but also the eyes and the area around them. If necessary, you can enlarge the eyes, remove the bags underneath them, remove the unpleasant effect of the “redness” of the pupils.

You can add amazing features from the library of custom 5000+ features and implement them in your application. Sweet Snap Camera also has other sections where you can create videos with effects and funny gifs. There is also a section where you can chat with all your followers via text messages and share multimedia content. It has an enhanced face tracker and works for multiple scenarios and cases. In contrast with the Snap SDK, you’ll get the freedom to use them in your app the way you want. You can also access the native content library with its ready-to-use AR filters, significantly saving time on product integration and launch.

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Banuba quickstart guide for Android and iOS on how to add face filters to your app. Let’s now review some of the key Snapchat features and the ways they can be cloned into your app. Extract the person in videos to replace backgrounds or overlay AR body effects. Create magic mirror photo booths with an interactive augmented reality overlay. Build cross-platform AR apps with Unity face tracking technology.

The app has been widely criticized for its content and security concerns, especially for underaged users. The user-generated content approach allows increasing audiences without additional spending on the app promotion. Users will share their stories across the Web themselves, thus spreading information about your Snapchat create app like snapchat clone app. The cost of snapchat-like application can vary few $$$$ based on the complexity and features. At idea2app platform, you can create an app on your own within your budget. Users can take images, videos and content published within the product, and share them on their social media channels or by email.

User Engagement Stats For Snapchat

The Snapchat application is very popular among young people all over the world, especially in North America. The idea of a messenger from the category of social networks is rather frivolous but it is in demand. The price of shares is growing, the number of new users is increasing. Although the service is free, only on advertisement one can live and develop further.

One of the latest updates involves the function of storing pictures in a free cloud. Provides you with a set of ready-to-use features and modules. This gives you access to the open-source computer vision library for creating basic AR content, such as masks and filters. This toolkit mostly focuses on image processing, video https://globalcloudteam.com/ capture and analysis, including face and object detection. While OpenCV is a good way to start, it is best suited for building simple AR applications and MVPs that do not go beyond basic functionality. If you want, you can use a social network account or go through a simple registration process with an e-mail address.

It is noteworthy that the created photo and video materials can be saved on the device, as it can be done in any other editor. Otherwise, a typical messenger for sending messages with the self-destruct function for text and attached files appears in front of the user. Staying connected is important, and why Snapchat has this functionality.

  • Snapchat has set a standard in smartphone camera capabilities with their AR lenses that can be applied to live video streams.
  • This service is very similar to Snapchat, which brought to their creators more than 22 billion dollars.
  • In addition, the program itself has a function of full and final erasure, after which the messages cannot be restored even by special means.
  • Booth user generated content with selfie beautification features.
  • Create magic mirror photo booths with an interactive augmented reality overlay.

With the help of the SNOW program for Android, you can easily decorate your face or just a photo with animated emoticons, thereby making them more interesting and fun. In addition, you can create your own small video and even GIF-animation, which you can send to a friend in the social network. There are multiple guides on the Web that provide you with some guidance on developing Snapchat-like features for your apps. However, quality face tracking and AR lenses are based on sophisticated technology, which requires significant investments and time. Thus, a ready-to-use SDK for cloning top Snapchat features is the most optimal choice.

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They can send text, share images, send and receive push notifications. One of the best features of Sweet Snap Camera is that the application makes it easy to search among the filters. All effects are categorized and adjusted to fit your face and surroundings for an amazing result. Sweet Snap Camera is a photo processing application that allows you to edit your photos using methods similar to those used in Snapchat.

create app like snapchat

Snapchat has set a standard in smartphone camera capabilities with their AR lenses that can be applied to live video streams. Those who have tried it once now expect a similar experience elsewhere. By adding Snapchat features to your camera app, you will significantly reduce the app adoption barriers by making it intuitive and accessible for wider audiences. Get benefit from idea2app unique and custom features to build an app like snapchat with the intuitive features you want. This means that when looking to clone top Snapchat features and apply them to your app, you will have to consider alternative software development tools. This feature automatically offers a collection of filters related to the current user location.


Makes it quicker and easier to reach new audiences who arent using the product. For example, posts, photos, videos, profile information. Adds reassurance to users and means they can manage content between friends, family or colleagues. Create unique videos and share them on social networks. Sweet Snap Camera offers a lot of filters to make your photos and videos more fun. It’s a feature-rich tool that allows you to communicate with people from all over the world.

create app like snapchat

Users can manage photos they have stored inside the app. Includes options to delete and share photos with others inside the app. Enable users to see other users basic details and decide whether to follow their activity.

Opencv Face Tracking And Filters

Use filters to make images look as juicy as possible, add captions, favorite memes, and choose the font size. Choose the color and brush size you want to edit, decorate your photos with stickers, and share on social networks of your choice. It’s also worth mentioning real-time filters – you can apply them right during shooting to find out what a photo will look like before it’s created. With the functions of modern beauty cameras, you just in one touch give your face the necessary visual nuances, correct makeup, and remove the unsuccessful elements of the photo. Upload a video to YouTube or share photos with friends on social networks. The app works great on most modern Android devices and can unlock the power of smartphones with a powerful front camera.

Select the right AR SDK for your Snapchat clone app development which saves your time and efforts letting you get the needed features quickly. The content is user-centered, as it is mostly created by users themselves and shared within the Snapchat community who then interact with these posts. In addition, the content never grows old, because each post only lives for 24 hours. This stimulates others to engage with the community more before the content disappears, which means paying more attention to the daily stories. Snapchat revolutionized the camera app market by focusing on visual user-generated content.

Shows unread notifications to highlight whats recent and encourages users to open and see whats been received. They can also see which friends were recently added, and how many mutual friends they have. Enable users to login with an email address and password. Authenticates their identity, and good for user experience . Ask users to complete a simple verification test to prove theyre human. Helps stop bots submitting data to the product and making it slow or difficult to use.

Helps make experiences inside the app more tailored and relevant. Bring your idea to an app with the impressive features. Some developers managed to achieve that phenomenal uniqueness, which is so difficult to replicate or copy. Applications like Snapchat will appear again, and we will try to give you the most detailed review of these programs.


Since the messages on the Dust Messaging server are not saved, it means that after the removal they cannot be easily tracked, restored, and used. Among mobile applications that can be considered analogs to Snapchat, there are both very popular and not very common. React Native Tutorial for creating a simple Snapchat clone.

Change the background and take a fascinating journey anywhere in the world. An ordinary photo seems boring and video calls are not unusual anymore? Talk to your friends like a comic book hero, one-touch turning a few photos into a stunning collage.

How To Clone Snapchat: Key Features And Tools

Flags up images, words and phrases, helping to save time when managing large numbers of submissions. Why just snapchat clone, just build anything you ever dream of. Shoot, save and get likes to your photos and videos. Shoot more photos and videos to get to know yourself from a new angle.

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Send a verification code to a users phone before they can create an account/login. Adds an extra layer of security, and the phone number can be another way to communicate. There are also video recording functions in the application.

Today, it is one of the most popular social media apps, along with TikTok and Instagram. Mostly popular among younger generations, Snapchat has become a real cultural phenomenon. The ideal application for those who like to create unforgettable selfies and shoot video with the front camera. With many simple tools and visual effects, you can transform any photo for the better.

How to supercharge your app with immersive AR content. Build a variety of face modification apps by detecting its different parts. Build a faster and easier way to interact with screens and devices. A Q&A site where users can ask queries and get responses.

Scale Up Your Business With Some New Snapchat Idea

All logos, photos, apps etc. used on website are the property of their respective copyright owners and are used here for information purposes. We cater to a library of 5,000+ custom features; you can opt for the best out of them to customize your app. Send notifications that users can receive and see – even when theyre not inside your app. Useful for getting users to login, and for giving them important, relevant and new information.

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